Peanuts, Charlie Brown & Snoopy Posters Prints

Charles Schulz’s famous cartoon characters Charlie Brown and Snoopy Posters Prints. 20th American cartoonist Charles Schulz Artworks with Ink Posters Prints.

Peanuts: Never Ever EVER Give Up!

Peanuts: Never Ever EVER Give Up! Art Print
Schulz, Charles
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Peanuts: Lead Don't Follow

Peanuts: Lead Don’t Follow Art Print
Schulz, Charles
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Charles M. Schulz, the son of two German immigrants, grew up in a loving home, and passionate collector of comics. From an early age, little Charles, nicknamed Sparky by his uncle (named Sparkplug, a famous horse comics Barney Google), shows a talent for drawing, a gift particularly encouraged by his mother.

His parents enrolled by correspondence in 1940, the Federal School of Art. When three years later he graduated, two events disrupt her life: he was immediately called up to fight in Europe and his mother died of cancer. Upon his return, he decided to try his luck in publishing: it postulates successfully Timeless Topix (Catholic publishing house) then worked for his former art school, now the Art Instruction School.

Parallel to his professional activities, he sent a newspaper of St. Paul the first pages of a comic strip called Li’l Folks – the story of a bunch of kids with distorted proportions.

The United Features Syndicate offers Schulz Li’l Folks publication in national newspapers in 1950 but requires a bit by chance the name of an author Peanuts shocked. In 1952, the first book of the adventures of “good old Charlie Brown” appears. Soon professionals recognize the qualities of the series and will Schulz twice, among other awards, the price of Reuben the National Cartoonist Society.

The following years saw the arrival of an impressive number of new characters, including the famous beagle Snoopy, but also the children of the Van Pelt (Linus and the fragile hysterical Lucy), the bird Woodstock, pianist Schroeder Patricia and many others. Its success is such that coal derived (drama, musical …) are multiplying. Therefore, as time passed, the glory of Schulz will continue to assert themselves and will receive a host of honors both in his own country or in Europe.

In 1993, this huge fan of ice hockey is inducted into the Hall of Fame American.

On February 12, 2000, hours before the release of the final plank of Peanuts in which he made his farewells, Charles M. Schulz died from a colon tumor.


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